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The Long Flannel Pajama Set Original Pajamas Comfy Nightwear

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Color: Purple
Size: S

The Long Flannel Pajama Set Original Pajamas Comfy Nightwear you’ll love the super soft flannel fabric on the adult flannel sleeper pajamas that feels sensational on your skin!! We are passionate about fabric and textile materials and have thus created the best, most comfortable yet practical line of pajamas.

This loungewear is all you need to help relax at home. They are soft and easy to touch which projects versatility and effortless grace in every step you take. Made to make you feel good, each of our Original Pajamas is an expression of our love for self-care, practicality and a dash of flirty fun.

How it’s made: 

Each of the pajamas is sourced from the finest quality fabric, sewn together by quality workmanship. 

  • Made with Flannel material
  • Non-bleeding colours and prints
  • Unshrinkable, wrinkle-resistant fabric, always maintains its shape
  • Soft and stretchy material made to be worn all year
  • Lightweight knit provides an elastic waistband for a comfortable feel
  • Machine washable 

Size chart:


Size Length (in) Bust (in)
S 14 32-41
M 14 33-42
L 15 34-44
XL 15 35-45
XXL 15 36-46
3XL 16 37-47


Size Length (in) Bust (in) Shoulder (in) Sleeve (in)
S 27 40 18 22
M 28 42 19 22
L 28 43 19 22
XL 28 43 19 23
XXL 29 44 20 23
3XL 29 45 20 24



Size Length (in) Hip (in) Waist (in) Thigh (in)
S 13 38 28-41 23
M 13 39 29-42 23
L 13 39 30-44 24
XL 14 40 31-45 24
XXL 14 41 31-46 25
3XL 15 42 32-47 26


  • Material: Flannel
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Collar: V-Neck
  • Length: Shorts
  • Gender: Women


  • Made for comfort: Made of Flannel material, our pajamas are known to give the best relaxing experience that you never want to take off again.
  • Signal for bed: Wearing pj’s have known to signal your brain into thinking that it is time for bed and helps your body condition itself to a good night’s sleep
  • Loose-fitting prevents chafing: If you experience dry skin especially during the colder months, pajamas make sure you stay comfortable in bed all night long
  • Multiple colors and sizes: With over 1000 varieties of Original Pajamas to choose from, you will never go wrong with your lounging outfit choices.