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About Us

When December rolls around, it's time to get yourself prepped and ready for the Winter months while celebrating the Holiday season. Once the snow starts falling, your neighborhood has lights strung throughout, and you've stocked up on hot cocoa, you know it's once again that extraordinary time of year! There's nothing quite like sitting by a fire with your loved ones, cozied up to your mug trying to stay as warm as possible. Another way you can do that is with the classic attire of pajamas! Something millions of people around the world enjoy each and every night. These wonderful warm & cozy friends have been a staple in countless houses around the world and instantly win your heart over by allowing you to bask in the purest of comfort. 

Now, as someone who wants nothing but the best quality in my clothes (As do most people!), I tend to browse sections of pajamas that come at quite a hefty cost compared to any brand. Having pj's for the winter months is always a must for me, so I decided to grab the best pair I could find at the mall. When I arrived, I could already feel the excitement surging throughout me! I made my way through multiple stores and found that buying a comfortable, high-quality set of pajamas costs a fortune. I was so surprised. I wasn't willing to drop $60 plus on a simple set of well-crafted pj's. I don't think anyone should have to spend loads of their hard-earned money to sleep with added comfort. Little did I know, that's where the idea of Original Pajamas was born!

I got home from the mall a bit upset having not come back with the perfect pair of pajamas, so I decided to take my search to a higher level. With how our world functions nowadays, there are millions of online shopping sites available with just a few clicks. Honestly, I spent that entire evening searching and searching through the depths of the internet and found that the one thing I couldn't seem to find was an affordable set of comfy pajamas. Whether it was Hudson's Bay or Garage, I couldn't land on my go-to set that would satisfy my every need. Then, out of nowhere, I sprung up with excitement and thought, "Why am I not doing this for others like me?" Having zero experience navigating through the E-Commerce World, I decided to reach out to some individuals whom I was acquainted with that ran personalized online stores. I tried to get as much information as I could to see if this was an idea that was worth it. 

After having some Zoom calls with these individuals, I got a bunch of trusted suppliers and producers and started messaging each of them. Some of them dodged my messages, but majority of them seemed interested in helping me out. I read up about their processes and practices to make sure all were ethical and safe. About a week later, I knew who I wanted to work with and was ready for action! 

Fast forward to the 2021 Holiday season, we've been able to scale our pajamas idea to new heights, and we're now known as Original Pajamas! With the great success we've had in the past year and a half, I was able to quit my job and focus on my dream full-time. Our superb pajama sets have entered the homes of thousands and created the perfect sleep companion without anyone burning a hole in their pocket. Brand names like Polo and Nautica get you with their massive price points, but we prefer to leave you with more cash in your pocket for other necessities. 

Here At Original Pajamas, your happiness & satisfaction is our top priority. Our positive client experiences inspire us to continue our vision of service and help us attain our goals! We work as hard as we possibly can to ensure you have the smoothest & best online transaction available. Our superb team makes sure that every inch of your pajama sets are perfect to size and sent out for delivery with nothing but the purest quality & care. Without our amazing community, my dreams would never have become a reality, so from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU!!  

Join our loving community today and have the BEST sleep of your life! Are you ready for comfort like never-before?